Multimedia Studio on a DVD

Install ArtistX to your hard disk

To install ArtistX  you will need at least 512 MB of Ram and 20 gigabytes of disk space (also if installing in VirtualBox or other emulators).

IMPORTANT: Backup, backup, backup: save your most important files on an external hard disk or DVD. Better safe than sorry.

Burn ArtistX on a DVD or use Unetbootin (see here a tutorial) to put it on a USB stick (better, faster, more secure), put it in your DVD reader or in a USB port and reboot your computer. If your computer is configured to start first from DVD or USB it will load the initial screen (if you see starting the Win installation see this tutorial on how to change boot order in the bios). At this screen just press enter.

Then you will see ArtistX loading, please wait. When the Desktop has loaded double-click on the “INSTALL” icon.

Than choose your language:


Just press Continue on this step:


Just press Continue on this step:


This and the following screen will depend a lot on your configuration. If you don’t know please ask on our forum BEFORE installing:



Select your location:


And your keyboard layout:


Than fill out your account details:


Wait while ArtistX installs (it may take a lot, the installer needs to copy nearly 4 gigabytes…):


At the last screen you can restart and use your new ArtistX!