Multimedia Studio on a DVD

Free Videos

If you have any suggestion please contact us and we will add it here. The resources must be usable for commercial purposes and easy to download.


A searchable collection of high-quality, copyright-cleared video and animation clips in a range of Life Science categories, including Biochemistry and Medicine. Rather than being downloadable, the clips are made available as streaming video for incorporation in websites, VLEs, presentations, and so on. You choose a video to use, and bandwidth required, then you receive a URL to link to. Browsable and searchable by category.

Creative Commons Video

Search for video, browse collections of Creative Commons movies and videos including ones you can use commercially or only as derivatives in other works.

Prelinger Archives

Over 1,000 public domain films from the worlds of government and advertising.

Open Source Movies at Internet Archive

Hundreds of licensed films uploaded by users of the Internet Archive.

New Global Video Project

New Global Vision is a digital video archive project. The goal is to build up a network of dedicated ftp servers and a peer-to-peer file sharing system able to overcome the bandwidth problems related to the size of video files. Videos are downloadable on tape or cd in vhs quality (compressed with mpeg1 or divx codec) and represent an expression of issues raised by the global movement against corporate capitalism, a critical glance on reality, a free speech & indypendent information product.

Legal Torrents

LegalTorrents is a collection of Creative Commons-licensed, legally downloadable, freely distributable creator-approved files, from electronic/indie music to movies and books