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Free Photos

If you have any suggestion please contact us and we will add it here. The resources must be usable for commercial purposes and easy to download.

Burning Well

A small repository of good-quality, variable-resolution photos sorted by broad-brush categories. Searchable.


A large repository of high-quality photos of plants, animals, fossils, people, and landscapes. Thumbnail indices, medium-res images online, high-res images on request from author. Usage restrictions detailed in each record. Searchable and browsable.


An enormous photo-sharing community, many of the images in which are licenced under Creative Commons – check image record for licencing info. Thumbnail indices. Available resolutions determined by contributor. By joining Flickr you can build up collections from images in the repository and add your own metadata tags. Remix is a group in example of creative commons licensed pictures artists.


A large library of high-quality photos and textures, produced by multimedia designers. The concentration is on nature, objects, architecture, and vehicles – there are no people photos at all. A unique feature is the abstract search, where you can look for a type of image (bright, soft, glossy, etc) rather than an image of something. You can also create your own downloadable clippings library (similar to sets in Flickr).


A bank of “free high resolution digital stock photography for either corporate or public use”. Thumbnail and low-res views online, high-res images downloadable as .zip files.Sorted by broad-brush categories, browsable and searchable.

Open Photo

A small (<3k) collection of high-quality, artistic photos categorised by topic. Searching, browsing, and thumbnails.

A small public domain repository, browsable and searchable. Only a few top-level categories, and no “people” category.

Philip’s House of Stock Photography

The author’s personal repository of images taken by himself. Browsable only by CD number, but searchable. They mostly seem to be landscapes, places and animals.


A very large repository of high-quality photography, categorised and searchable. Thumbnail views, photos available in medium- and high-res. Each image record lists the restrictions, if any, placed on usage by the contributor.


This is a search engine, rather than a repository. Yotophoto indexes “images that are either in the Public Domain or released under generous Creative Commons, GNU FDL or other similar licenses”