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Download ArtistX






Make sure that one of the most common problems (corrupted downloaded iso) is not your problem.
If the .iso file is corrupted download it again: if you don’t it may start the same, but strange things are going to happen (missing files, programs not working and so on…).
Please check your ArtistX BEFORE writing to us for help.

After you have downloaded the .ISO file, please verify that has been downloaded correctly using one of the following methods:

onwin please use the the graphical utility MD5summer

onmac and gnu/linux please use md5sum which is included in all mac or gnu/linux versions.

You need to open a terminal and issue this command:

md5sum artistx_1.5_live_dvd_iso_15_09_2013.iso

and if the download is not corrupted you should get a line like this one:

f26a75da1f1eeca7f23356481dc825c8  artistx15.iso

Check that the string in the md5sum file of the version of ArtistX you just downloaded is the same.